Imizi Children’s Center has provided support to more than 2000 children and vulnerable young people

Children supported

We Are Non Profit Organization

Imizi Children Center is a non governmental / non-profit organization that provides education support and social care to vulnerable children as well as rebuilding families and helping children escape life on the streets.

We are able to provide these needs through the donations of individuals and partner organizations like you , Imizi relies on the charity of ordinary citizens and the support of our partners to achieve our goal of providing a safe place for children and the dangers of life on the streets, opportunities and guidance for youth with support for vulnerable people of all ages.

We Are A Strong Team

Imizi social work team performs a variety of tasks that include:

  • working with our children – either individually or in groups – helping to counsel them through difficult issues
  • offering counseling, training and career guidance to family members of our children to help them become more stable
  • Encouraging all other staffs on how to interact with our children and solve problems in a positive and non-violent way
  • helping the children to solve problems and deal with their emotions in a positive way
  • advising and mentoring children who are preparing to leave, or who have left the center
  • trying to repair the relationships between our children and their families

Imizi care givers team performs the following tasks at the center ;

  • We have cooks that ensure food and drinks are available and well prepared .
  • Ensuring security and maintaining a safe environment at the center,free from harm.
  • Support on ensuring the proper sanitation measures at the center .

Imizi social work team performs a variety of tasks

The social work department is one of our most important programmes at Imizi center

Our dedicated and experienced social work team does the kind of work that can often be ignored because it is more challenging.

Our Partners