IMIZI CHILDREN’S CENTER is a non governmental organization (NGO) mandated to advance child rights and wellbeing by providing sustainable and innovative solutions in partnership with other stakeholders to help children unlock their full potential.


Social work program

Our experienced social workers are devoted to helping vulnerable children and communities work through challenges they face in everyday life,This is done through ; 

  • Introducing parents and families to positive parenting 
  • offering trainings and counseling programs to families members of our children to become more financially stable 
  • Carrying out different workshops with children in the Imizi center and communities around in different aspects of life eg; sexual health , hygiene , how to deal with emotions in a positive way , advising and mentoring children , etc …
  • Help children either individually or in groups by counseling them on different issues

Care taking program

  • At the Imizi center, meals are provided to vulnerable children throughout the academic period .
  • Ensuring security and maintaining a safe environment at the center,free from harm.This is done by skilled and dedicated caregivers . 
  • Support on ensuring proper sanitation measures at the center .


This program also helps in fighting malnutrition as one of the challenges facing vulnerable children and communities by operating a kitchen garden for the center .

Education program

Imizi center runs one of the best performing primary schools in Rwamagana district ,It is registered as a private school at the Rwanda education board (REB ) and National examination and school inspection authority (NESA) . All students at Imizi primary are admitted on full scholarships.

This program is successfully operated by our young,dedicated and experienced teachers .

How Imizi is changing children's lives and transforming families

At Imizi we believe that even vulnerable children and families have potential regardless of their past. We provide their basic needs of food,security and help them find an environment where they can laugh, play, make friends and most important of all, attend school.

Imizi Children's Center has provided support to more than 2000 children and vulnerable young people

Our Partners